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METHYLDROSTANOLONE (SUPERDROL) is the strongest and most potent prohormone compound on the market today as you can tell from user reviews.

This is a hybrid of Anadrol and Methyl DHT.

It is both an amazing and unique prohormone because it is considered a dry compound as opposed to a wet gainer.

This means, it will not convert to any estrogen metabolites, but will retain a lot of water inside the muscle cell itself.

This results in very hard and dense muscular gains as opposed to a bloated look, while giving the user an immediate leaning out effect.

Users commonly report impressive gains of 10 to 20 lbs. along with crazy strength during their typical 4 to 5 week cycle.

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The name Superdrol is short for “Super Anadrol”, however this drug is also known as methasteron and methyldrostanolone.

Superdrol is a close derivative of drostanolone (masteron).

The only difference to the molecule is the addition of a c17 alpha methyl group, this was done to allow oral administration.

Superdrol share many characteristics of its parent hormone Masteron, both are non-aromatizable so estrogenic activity is minimal.

Androgenic side-effects are very rare, but still possible.Users should drink at least one gallon of water per day to keep muscle cells hydrated and assist flushing of the Superdrol agent.

A P.C.T. protocol should be used after completing the cycle.

A maximum of 2- 3 caps per day regiment of Superdrol is plenty to grow on and users should not take more than the suggested 3 cap dose .

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