Sale! 17a-methyl-5a-androst-17b-ol (PROTODROL) 25 mg 1000 tabs View larger

17a-methyl-5a-androst-17b-ol (PROTODROL) 25 mg 1000 tabs

PROTODROL 25 mg 1000 tabs

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  • Lean Muscle Gains And Low Toxicity.

  • Is Protodrol the Holy Grail of Prohormones ?

  • High Anabolic/Androgenic Ratio Prohormone

  • Lean muscle and strength gains

  • Little to zero side effects

  • Low toxicity

  • Low Risk of side effects

  • No Estrogen Risk

  • Fast Recovery During PCT

Protodrol or17a-methyl-5a-androst-17b-ol, is one of the safest pro hormones on the market today with probably the lowest toxicity out of any of the prohormones available.

Protodrol will contribute to amazing size and strength gains, so expect to see dry lean muscle and an increase in strength when taking this product.

Protodrol will help to increase your lean body mass, whilst users should experience large muscle pumps in the gym as well as massive strength gains within one cycle of this compound.

Users will experience big increases in fullness and vascularity of the muscle whilst working to reduce body fat.

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Protodrol is an ideal pro hormone for the beginner user that is curious about side effects that are often experienced with other highly toxic aromatizing compounds.

Protodrol is ideal to use as a standalone product for a beginner or can be used as part of a stack with another non methylated compound such as bold 200.

As Protodrol has very little side effects and is probably one of the safest pro hormones to use, we won’t need to implement such an advanced PCT.

A full course of Post Cycle Matrix (3x capsules per night) will be enough to regulate normal hormone balance.

Protodrol is an exciting new supplement prohormone made to produce lean muscle gains with an absence of water retention and other estrogenic side effects.

What makes Protodrol different from the rest is it features a low level of toxicity allied to the muscle and strength gains.

What does this mean you may ask yourself? It is ideal either as a stand-alone designer supplement or as part of a stack where it could be used with non-methylated compounds such as 1-T Tren, or Bold 200 for superb muscle gains.

Protodrol has been engineered to maximize myotrophic activity resulting in significant changes to one's physique in a shorter time than you would thought possible.

It marks the beginning of a new era in terms of size, strength, recovery and endurance.

You can expect great increases in muscle fullness and vascularity, and also a simultaneous reduction in bodyfat.

There are virtually no or minimal side effects by using Protodrol which is a remarkable designer anabolic that produces immediate gains in size and strength with .

The hypertrophic effects of Protodrol are extremely dry and lean due to the active ingredient not being able to aromatise into estrogen.

Plus, there is also no progestenic activity so with no exogenous estrogen of prolactin activity, concerns like gyno, puffy, or bloated gains will not be a concern, even for the most sensitive users.

What you will gain is an intense change in muscle size and strength, coupled with a very noticeable effect on their energy levels, rate of fat loss, and a massive increase in your libido.

One of the primary features of Protodrol is safety is and Protodrol is by far the safest methylated compound ever released OTC (more to be updated on this upon release).

Protodrol is the ideal prohormone for someone who is ready to step up to the level of designer anabolics, and wants to do so without worrying about side effects such as, severe liver damage, gynecomastia, bloating, or intense testicular atrophy.

Furthermore, it is the ideal option to stack with other compounds due to its minimal side effects.

Stacking Protodrol with your next cycle permits an increase in gains in size and strength, without adding to any of the compound's negative effects.

Do not lose any more time and take your training and physique to the next level.

Experience mind blowing pumps, intense weight gain, and huge strength gains in 4 weeks or less with Protodrol.

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