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A feeling of disconnection followed by a strong desire to organize and effecta internal and external problems. As the dose increases this desire turns to a very psychedelic introspection, almost as if one is falling in on themselves and being confronted with deep emotional dilemmas and problems. Methoxetamine causes visuals and auditory hallucinations at higher doses, you may feel very numb and disorientated; it's best to lay down in a comfortable location to reduce risk of tripping and hurting yourself, you may be so numb you might not feel it. In higher doses the visuals turn inwards, it's best to relax your breathing and close your eyes, you may feel like you are sinking or falling into a deep abyss of your mind.


Methoxetamine can go well with low doses of natural tryptamines, such as DMT and Psilocybin; in fact they compliment each other very well.

Effects and Risks of Taking Methoxetamine

However, there is no evidence to support this and it is possible that MXE will turn out to be as toxic as ketamine in this regard. Methoxetamine MXE is a white powder. Much care and respect should be taken in handling these unresearched chemicals, dosing should start very low in checking of allergies and purity. Before it was banned, it was mostly sold online, where it was called a research chemical.

Mxe effects

It appears that MXE can make the heart beat faster than it should called effecte and increases blood pressure. Crime Prevention Minister Lord Henley said: "Making this drug illegal sends a clear message to users and those making and supplying it that we are stepping up our fight against substances which are dangerous and ruin the lives of victims and their families.

“Being with a Buddha”: A Case Report of Methoxetamine Use in a United States Veteran with PTSD

As mentioned before Methoxetamine was developed with rational de involved, it is a Ketamine analogue and has it's N-ethyl group chosen specifically to increase the over-all potency by weight of the compound. The drug, used as an alternative to ketamine, will be made illegal for up to 12 months. Methoxetamine causes visuals and auditory hallucinations at higher doses, you may feel very numb and disorientated; it's best to lay down in a comfortable location to reduce risk of tripping and hurting yourself, you may be so numb you might not feel it.

From anecdotal reports, methoxetamine MXE appears to be much stronger than ketamineso users should take extra care to avoid overdosing by only using effectd amounts. Both of which might lead to a range of problems including heart attacks or strokes.

The latter effect ranges from confusion to dissociation and depersonalization near-death experience. Purportedly a ligand for the mu opiate receptor, though this is disputed. effecte

Mxe effects

Mixing ketamine with alcohol can dangerously affect the way you breathe and Mxs your heart works, and can lead to unconsciousness, which can be even more dangerous if vomit is inhaled. I do not condone the latter two because of various safety and procedure reasons.

Mxe effects

The recreational use of KET has started since its discovery in You could feel completely detached from your body and surroundings, putting yourself in danger of accidentally being hurt or being hurt by others. About sharing image captionMethoxetamine is used by Mce as an alternative to Class C drug ketamine The legal high methoxetamine, or mexxy, is to become the first drug to be banned temporarily under new government powers, the Home Office has said.

Related Citations

If the police catch people supplying illegal drugs in a home, club, bar or hostel, they can potentially prosecute the landlord, club owner or any other person concerned in the management of the premises. One sample that was tested contained efefctsa class B drug. Effecte, there is no evidence to support this. Methoxetamine is a friendly psychedelic and dissociative, replacing a lot of the uncomfortable come-ups from traditional psychedelics with warm, tingly, euphoria.

Methoxetamine- An Overview

What is methoxetamine cut with? Others have reported being agitated. Because of this I will only list subjective doses for the former three routes; keep in mind everyone doses differently and these doses will not apply for everyone. For these reasons it may be tempting to dose often, please be safe and monitor and limit your dosing to very infrequently. This was due to its rapid onset, short duration of action, and peculiar psychotropic effects "K-hole".

Always be safe. How does it make people behave?

Methoxetamine: New powers used to ban legal high

Considering the limitations of peer-reviewed information, data were integrated with a qualitative assessment of a range of websites, drug fora, and other online resources including e-newsgroups, chat rooms, mailing lists, e-newsletters, and bulletin boards. Supplying someone else, even your friends, can get you up to 14 years in prison, an unlimited fine or both. MXE can also cause involuntary eye movement, loss of balance and poor coordination, unsteadiness on your feet and slurred speech.

The government's advisers will then decide whether it should be permanently controlled.

Sharing injecting equipment, including needles and syringes, risks infection with hepatitis C and B viruses and HIV. So you could end up hurting yourself or being hurt by others.

Mxe effects

Injecting MXE can damage the veins and can cause serious problems such as abscesses swollen areas of tissue that are full of pus and blood clots. Pharmacology, toxicity and general safety This is all pure subjective observations and speculation from my history with other Arylcyclohexylamines.

Drug and Alcohol Information

Possession can get you up to 5 years in prison, an unlimited fine or both. These effects are not seen when people use ketamine. There is virtually no evidence about this yet, but early tests have found methoxetamine MXE that was cut with benzocaine and caffeine.

However, this latter derivative does not appear to be a safer alternative to KET itself. Early indications suggest it may have been used by four people MMxe the time leading to them dying. There have been no confirmed deaths relating to the drug and tests are continuing. And by injecting and sharing injecting equipment, including needles and syringes, users run the risk of catching or spreading a virus, such as HIV or hepatitis C.

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